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PADI Reactivate

Scuba Diving Refresher in Massachusetts

This course is specifically designed for the already certified diver who has been out of the water for quite some time and needs a "refresher". The ReActivate course is designed to review the skills you originally learned while focusing on practicing specific in-water skills that you would like to become more confident in.  

Please keep in mind that dive centers around the world will typically require you to show recency or a logged dive within the past year in order to book scuba services with them.

What will I learn:

  • Review of scuba diving equipment

  • Safety procedures and practices

  • You will receive a PADI ReActivate card that will show recency

  • PADI e-Learning 

  • All gear is provided for use during this course. If you do have your own personal gear we recommend you use it as you are familiar with it

  • Completed Student Medical Statement

Cost of Program:

ReActivate e-Learning:                                                           $75.00 (+taxes)

e-Learning fees go directly to PADI 


ReActivate Program:                                                               $300.00


TOTAL ReActivate Program:                                                    $375.00 

How do I get started?

What you will Need:​

  • Contact the DiVE Center to enroll

  • Purchase the PADI ReActivate e-Learning HERE



Call 978.916.0041
To register for the ReActivate program!

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