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Scuba Diving Trips Massachusetts


anytime, anywhere... literally! 
Today, flexibility is a must, so here it is!

If you are one of the many eager to get started but find time is of the essence, PADI's online scuba programs are the way to go. The eLearning system allows you to begin with your knowledge development at your own pace, allowing you to learn anytime and anywhere you have wifi connectivity!


Upon completion of the eLearning segment, call DiVE KS to enroll into your Confined Water (pool) sessions. Lastly, your ability to learn and demonstrate mastery of your skills means you should be ready to head on out with your instructor, into the Open Water (ocean).

Open Water Diver elearning
Advanced Open Water eLearning
Emergency First response elearning
Rescue Diver eLearning
Reactivate Scuba eLearning
DiVe Master eLearning
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