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How to become scuba certified in New England

PADI SCUBA Certification classes

Raising the Standard for Exceptional Scuba Diving Experiences and Scuba instruction in Massachusetts & beyond.


Get ready for adventure!

Are you ready to explore the underwater world? Getting scuba certified with DiVE KS is your first step towards unforgettable underwater adventures. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of obtaining your scuba certification, including what to expect and how to get started.

PADI Certification

PADI (the Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the most recognized dive training organization worldwide with 29 million certifications and counting!

Steps to Get Scuba Certified

Review PADI program requirements and prerequisites prior to enrolling. Depending on your course, there are up to three segments involved in scuba programs:

1) Theory or Knowledge Development

2) Confined Water Sessions (pool)

3) Open Water Sessions (ocean)


You can enroll into your intended eLearning course to start your theory anytime! Give us a call or email to schedule the in-water training.


For more information on certification standards, and requirements please visit the PADI website.

Why Get Scuba Certified in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts offers diverse and exciting dive sites! Getting scuba certified in New England opens your opportunities to dive almost anywhere in the world. Why? Due to cooler water temperatures, students will train in a 7mm wetsuit, hood, gloves, and boots—different gear than what is required for warmer climates like the Caribbean. The visibility in New England waters can be also be limiting, providing a great learning opportunity. Learning and understanding underwater navigation is crucial!

Did you know?

What if I am traveling or only want to dive in warm water?

If you are scheduled to enjoy tropical waters many students prefer starting their training with us in New England and completing the remainder of the course while on Vacation.


This will maximize free time at your destination. This is called our referral program. 


Students who have completed their pool training with DiVE KS prior to going on vacation have received high praise for their skills and report feeling better prepared and confident in their diving abilities. 

Why Choose DiVE KS for Your Scuba Certification?

At DiVE KS, we pride ourselves on providing flexible schedules, small class sizes, and highly regarded instruction.


Our certified instructors are passionate about diving and are dedicated to ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable learning experience while becoming a great diver.

Our students consistently rank our instruction as superior! Read what our students have to say about DiVE KS.

Ready to start your scuba certification journey? Enroll in our Open Water Certification Program by July 8th,  2024  for a special promotional offer. Contact us at 978-916-0041 or to learn more and sign up today!

Get Certified!

Looking to obtain a lifetime certification as a Scuba Diver? Start Here!

Travel Plans?

Our Referral Course may be best suited for you!

Already a Diver?

Explore our continuing education classes from Advanced Open Water to Dive Master!



Warm water diver? No problem! Explore our Group Trip Destinations or Book your own!


Give us a call to discuss your diving needs and we will help you in anyway we can! 

  • I don't see a schedule online? When are your classes?
    We are happy to offer flexible training schedules with our rolling enrollment for all classes. We know that everyone has different schedules! Whether you are available only on evenings, mornings, weekdays or weekends- we've got you covered! Simply let us know your schedule and we will coordinate your class times. Alternatively, we have introduced an online schedule for a select few classes per month. If these times do not work for you give us a call!
  • I purchased an eLearning with another dive center. Can I enroll with you?
    Yes! Simply send us a copy of your electronic record (eRecord) and we will coordinate the rest. We don't charge any additional fees for not registering with us!
  • I'd love to travel and do my open water dives at another location, is that possible?
    Absoultely! At DiVE KS we help you every step of the way. First you would enroll with us and complete your eLearning, then we would schedule your confined water dives (pool). After demonstrating mastery of all of your skills we will give you a referral. Once you receive the referral you may choose another dive center of your choice at the destination you are traveling to and they will conduct your open water dives.
  • Can my 10 year old dive with me?
    Absolutely! At DiVE KS we pride ourselves in our ability to work with youth. You can obtain a Junior Open Water Certification at the age of 10! Our training is sought after and desired because of our intuitive and subtle teaching approach!
  • I would like to transfer from another dive center I started my training with, is that possible?
    Absolutely! Send us a copy of your eRecord and have the training institution complete and send you a referral. We will take care of the rest! Things happen, we understand! Therefore, our objective is to accommodate your needs and deliver a memorable and positive experience!
  • I'm not sure if I am medically fit for diving, what should I do?
    Take sometime to look over the Medical Statement before enrolling into any program. The medical statement will help guide you. You may need a physicians clearance prior to participating in any in water activities.

Start your scuba diving adventure today! Enroll Now in our Open Water Certification Program and dive into a new world of possibilities.

Adventure Awaits.

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