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PADI Scuba Diving Referral Training in Massachusetts

If you are planning to travel and are seeking an Open Water Certification but want to optimize your diving time at your destination, a referral is a way to go! Simply complete your confined water sessions (pool sessions) and your eLearning with DiVE KS and we will have you 100% ready to complete your Open Water Check-Out dives at your destination of choice. 

A referral is the entire Open Water Diver Certification. 

What you will need:

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What will I learn?

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  • How to be a skilled, safe, and confident diver

  • How to assemble and disassemble equipment

  • How to handle and avoid common problems

  • All required skills to become a certified diver

  • One of our highly sought-after instructors will educate you on both the skills and knowledge of becoming a certified diver

  • How to spread awareness about our oceans

Length of Program:

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  • e-Learning 6 hours on average

  • Minimum of 4 hours of Confined Water Training (pool training)


  • 4 Open Water Dives (ocean dives) 

    • The Open Water Dives will be conducted at a PADI institution of your choice at your specified destination.

Cost of Program:

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  • Open Water Diver e-Learning:                                                      $230.00

  • Enrollment & Confined Water Lessons + Referral:                      $750.00                                                                     

  • Open Water (Ocean) Dives:                                                           Your PADI institution of choice will have its own fees                                                                                                                        associated with this segment. 

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