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First Aid, CPR & AED

Emergency First Responder Course in Mass

What you will learn:              ​

What you will Need:​

  • Participants will need personal pocket masks

  • e-Learning

Length of program:

  • The program is typically completed at the DiVE Center within four hours

Cost of Program:

  • EFR Primary and Secondary Care    $120.00 

  • e-Learning                                       $107.00

  • Total EFR Program:                          $227.00

How to enroll:

EFR- Primary Care (CPR) & Secondary Care (First Aid) courses follow the emergency protocols developed by the members of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).  As a lay Emergency Responder, you will learn to apply the same priorities used by medical professionals. With such task at hand "often, life versus death or complete recovery versus long-term disability lies with a layperson first responder providing care between the emergency's onset and the arrival of [EMS]"-EFR

EFR Primary & Secondary Care Program      $120.00

O2 Provider

Oxygen provider course in massachusetts

What you will learn:              ​

This particular course is designed to train as lay-provider training to educate participants to recognize diver-related injuries and the providers to properly use emergency oxygen for such instances.

What you will Need:​

  • DAN e-Learning*

  *DiVE KS will issue the e-Learning code directly to          the student. You will not find this under the                  e-Learning Tab.

Length of program:

  • Program is typically completed in 2.5 hours

Cost of Program:

Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries:    $150.00

DAN e-Learning:                                          $65.00

Total Program Cost:                                 $215.00

How to enroll:

Scuba diving in Salem


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