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Beach Diving in Massachusetts



Scuba Diving in Mass

This program is for the individual who is determined to be a professional, role model, a skilled diver and has the knowledge and desire to solve a problem. This course opens the door for you to the professional diving industry and gives you the credentials to pursue a full or part-time career. This course builds on the PADI Rescue Diver Program by preparing you with the right leadership attitude. Honing the skills to manage and prevent, ultimately prepares the student to make sound judgments while aiding divers.


  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Must have at least 40 logged dives to enroll

    • 60 logged dives by completion of the program​

  • Must have Rescue Diver Certification

  • CPR & First Aid within 24 months

  • Completed Student Medical Statement 

What you will Need:​

  • PADI e-Learning & Crew Pak

  • This program requires students to have their own gear. If you do not have your own gear, DiVE KS can rent items for use @ a discounted student rate. 

  • Required Gear

    • Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots​*

    • Hood/Gloves

    • BCD

    • Regulator and Alternate Air Source (Octo)  

    • Computer (or timing device & eRDP/RDP Table

    • Wetsuit (7mm preferred) or Drysuit* (if certified)

    • Tank & Weights

    • Whistle, Air Horn, etc*

  • Specialty Gear

    • Dive Light/ Backup Light​*

    • Dive Knife*

    • Surface Marker Buoy*

    • Compass*

* indicates gear that we do not rent out

Length of Program:

  • Your availability directly relates to the progression of this course

  • The length of the program may differ for prospective students, please inquire within.

Cost of Program:

  • Divemaster Crew-Pak (includes eLearning):           $478.80

  • Divemaster Program:                                            $1,025.00

  • Total Divemaster Program Costs:                       $1,503.80

*There is a membership fee that is to be paid to PADI. This is not included in the course.



Call 978.916.0041
To register for the PADI Dive Master program!

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