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adventures in diving

Wreck in the Sea

This program is for those who are comfortable with their skills and wish to explore other diverse environments. If you have a special diving interest or want to gain diving experience this is the program for you!

This course sets the foundation for additional training like PADI specialties and other course prerequisites which count towards obtaining your Advanced Open Water Certification.


• Enriched Air Diver                                              $250

• Underwater Navigator                                       $250

 Ice Diver                                                             $400

 Deep Diver                                                         $350

   includes charter fee*

 Night Diver                                                         $200

 Wreck Diver                                                       $400

    includes charter fee*

• Dry Suit                                                              $500

IDM/ Full Face Mask                                          $500

• Drift Diver                                            Please inquire within

• Project AWARE Specialist                  Please inquire within    

• AWARE- Fish Identification                Please inquire within

• AWARE-Coral Reef Conservation      Please inquire within

What you will Need:​

  • PADI e-Learning and other materials program dependant

  • Completed Student Medical Statement

advanced open water certification

Underwater Navigator 1.jpg

Ready to take your scuba diving skills to the next level? Then this program is for you. The prerequisite for this course is having your Open Water Diver Certification. You will learn new skills as well as perfect skills you already know! There are a total of 5 different dives in this course. 

AOW Specialty dives:

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy

  • Underwater Navigation*

  • Deep Diving*

  • Night Diving

  • Wreck Diving

* indicates required program dives

What you will Need:​

  • PADI e-Learning & Crew Pak

  • Completed Student Medical Waiver

  • This program requires students to have their own gear. If you do not have your own gear, DiVE KS can rent items for use @ a discounted student rate. 

  • Required Gear

    • Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots​*

    • Hood/Gloves

    • BCD

    • Regulator and Alternate Air Source (Octo)  

    • Computer (or timing device & eRDP/RDP Table

    • Wetsuit (7mm preferred) or Drysuit* (if certified)

    • Tank & Weights

    • Whistle, Air Horn, etc*

  • Specialty Gear

    • Dive Light/ Backup Light​*

    • Dive Knife*

    • Surface Marker Buoy*

    • Compass*

* indicates gear that we do not rent out

Cost of Program:

  • Advanced OW Diver e-Learning:                $204.00

  • Advanced OW Diver Crew-Pak Ultimate:   $130.00

  • Advanced Open Water Program:               $750.00 

  • Total Program Cost:                              $1,084.00

How do I get started?

Scuba Divers Deep Sea


Image by Nazarizal Mohammad


Call 978.916.0041
To register for classes!

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